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About Us
In some words...
We are a peaceful condominium to stay in Aruba
Solar Panel Rehoboth Peace Land Condo Ar

At Rehoboth Peace Land Condo we invested in green energy. Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment. Alternatives to fossil fuels reduce carbon footprints, reducing greenhouse gases around the globe. Solar is known to have a favorable impact on the environment.

Our accommodations are soundproof. We have invested in soundproof walls, windows and doors to guarantee the peace of our guests.

We don't use chlorine pool treatment for our pools. We do salt water pool treatment for you convenience.

Rehoboth Peace Land Condo is Aruba's most peaceful condominium to stay at. Rehoboth means open spaces! We have searched for around the island for a peaceful open space so we can construct Rehoboth Peace Land Condo which is not to far from Downtown and neither far from the beach. We found a great location for you to stay and enjoy all that the island has to offer.

Our mission is for all our guest to stay in a peaceful place and enjoy the fresh air in a peaceful environment. To provide luxury rooms and we emphasize high quality standards in our rooms. To provide quality relaxations to our guests. Peace and relaxation of our guests is our priority!

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